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Excel Shortcuts for handling Large Datasets

All of us use Microsoft Excel for one thing or the other. We spend so much time looking at rows and rows of data. However, browsing through data, navigating between sheets or even basic formatting can be very time consuming. So how about, we look at some simple yet powerful Excel keyboard...


The Pyramid Principle of Communication

One of the most powerful and frequently used frameworks in business communication is the Pyramid Principle. It is very effective especially with the senior management of a company. It is a TOP-DOWN as well as very DIRECT mode of communication tailored for executives who are busy and want to get...


Valuation fundamentals

As a financial/business/valuation analyst, many times we have to spend a considerable amount of time trying to find the VALUE of companies. There are many different aspects of value – different terms get used synonymously and often causes a lot of confusion. We thought we will help to end the...


Credit Analyst careers

To learn the specific credit analysis skills, you can check out our online course here. Please log in to provide your comments!


New to corporate life: What to focus on and why?

James joined his dream company, directly after graduation. He was full of energy and enthusiasm and proud to be working for such a reputed name. However, all of this died down as he started struggling to complete the tasks that he was assigned with. He wasn’t given time to learn on the ground...