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Waterfall Charts in Excel - Example and Limitations

What is a Waterfall chart? A waterfall chart is a great way to show variance analysis from one point to the other. These charts help easily visualize the drivers which are responsible for the change. For Example. how the profit or revenue of a company grew from one period to the...


100+ useful excel Keyboard short cuts

Using Excel short cuts help work much faster and improve efficiency. Here is a list of 100+ keyboard shortcuts for commonly used functions. Practicing these short cuts would help you to memorize them, thus improving the productivity drastically while working on complex data analysis or financial...


Understanding XLOOKUP with Examples

XLOOKUP is a function which is newly introduced function in MS Office 365. It can be used in place of VLOOKUP as well as HLOOKUP, Index, Match and much more. Here are a few advantages of using a XLOOKUP function. Lookups in both vertical and horizontal ranges XLOOKUP does not break...


Microsoft Excel as a tool for Data Analytics

The range of technologies that a good data analyst must be familiar with is huge. It spans myriad tools, platforms, hardware and software. There are both basic and advanced data analysis and visualization tools. See below for a list of such tools. The basic tools included knowledge of...


Excel Shortcuts for handling Large Datasets

All of us use Microsoft Excel for one thing or the other. We spend so much time looking at rows and rows of data. However, browsing through data, navigating between sheets or even basic formatting can be very time consuming. So how about, we look at some simple yet powerful Excel keyboard...


The Pyramid Principle of Communication

One of the most powerful and frequently used frameworks in business communication is the Pyramid Principle. It is very effective especially with the senior management of a company. It is a TOP-DOWN as well as very DIRECT mode of communication tailored for executives who are busy and want to get...